Imagine the stunning artwork contained within our graphic novels coming to life with animation and audio. That's exactly what we have done for Macbeth and Romeo & Juliet, combining all three text versions (Original Text, Plain Text and Quick Text) into a remarkably engaging visual and audio experience!

Macbeth features the vocal talents of Sir Derek Jacobi and Juliet Stevenson as Macbeth and Lady Macbeth, while Romeo & Juliet features Juliet Stevenson, Patricia Hodge and John Sessions.

All three versions of the animated

Classical Comics graphic novel in one application

Full audio soundtrack

Choose "Movie Mode" to play it through, or play it panel-by-panel

Context notes accompany Original Text

Full audio soundtrack

Links to the Classical Comics graphic novels

References Act/Scene/Line to link with any traditional script

Runs on any PC (Windows XP SP2 or later) or Mac (OS X or later) or on any device that can run Adobe Flash content

Test drive them for yourself, right here!

Ordering Information
Please note: this product is only available to schools and educational facilities.
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Simply download and complete this order form and we will invoice on despatch. Please contact: Book And Volume. please email: and we will be happy to provide a quotation and payment details (US and Canadian prices are at the bottom of this page)

This product is available in two editions:

  • - Single User Licence Edition allows the program to run on one machine at a time.
  • - Site Licence Edition allows the program to run on a school network, on any number of computers connected to that network simultaneously. It also permits access over an extended network to allow remote access by students. The Site Licence Edition also has a few extra features (see the table below).
Feature Single User Licence Edition Site Licence Edition
Original, Plain And Quick Text animation and audio Yes Yes
Movie Mode and Panel by Panel navigation Yes Yes
Runs on PC (Windows XP sp2 or above) Yes Yes
Runs on Mac (OSX 10.4.11 or later) Yes Yes
Can use on more than one machine at a time No Yes
Includes additional set of Low Audio animation for lower bandwidth No Yes
Includes electronic set of No Text pages (the graphic novel with empty speech balloons) No Yes
United Kingdom £ 74.99
(+ vat)
£ 149.99
(+ vat)
Australia & New Zealand Please contact Book And Volume for prices
United States (includes shipping from the UK) $ 134.95
$ 274.95
Canada (includes shipping from the UK) $ 134.95
$ 274.95
Other territories Please contact us for prices