Frankenstein – Teaching Resource Pack

Frankenstein – Teaching Resource Pack


“Cursed be the hands that formed you!”

It was the dawn of science and technology. Anything seemed possible – even the creation of life itself. Victor Frankenstein becomes obsessed with this idea and works relentlessly to prove his theories; but the glory he imagined becomes a living nightmare – not only for him, but for his friends and family too.

Mary Shelley’s gothic horror story is presented as a full-colour graphic novel that is true to this classic tale, bringing this fantastic story to life!

As with all our Classic titles the period is faithful to the author’s intentions, and there is a choice of two text versions.

The print versions also include a history of Mary Shelley’s intriguing life and how the idea came to her on the banks of Lake Geneva… where a monster was born!

A4 Concealed spiral & CD-ROM

ISBN: 978-1-907127-03-8

Author: Neil Bowen

  • Photocopiable study guide for Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein
  • Packed with cross-curriculum activities, covering English, history, drama and art
  • CD includes an electronic version of the study guide for whiteboards laptops and digital printing
  • Suitable for teaching ages 10-17 (This study guide includes activities for all
    skill levels, providing many opportunities for differentiated teaching and for
    the tailoring of lessons to meet individual needs)
  • Illustrated with images from the Classical Comics graphic novels but it can be used alongside any version of the book
  • 297mm x 210mm x10mm